Dr. Nolz is a great Chiropractor! He's been in business for over 22 years and I'd trust him with my back any day!

    Karly Kolber

    I've been seeing Dr. Nolz off and on for my chiropractic needs for many years. He's always taken care of any problem I've ever had. I would strongly recommend Nolz Chiropractic.

    Todd Sawyer

    I have been seeing Dr Nolz for 20 years and highly recommend him and his staff for their caring ways and helpful suggestions.

    Gary Heiserman

    I used to go to Dr. Nolz fairly regularly. I moved from the Mt Vernon area a few years ago, and no one I've tried going to since has come close to comparing. I really miss the level of service I received at his office!

    Brandi Webster

    My family and I have been seeing Dr Nolz for many years. I can't say enough about the friendly , caring, and knowledgeable staff. Their hours are also very accommodating as well. Since they are open until 6 pm two nights per week, we can easily schedule appointments after work. I would definitely recommend Nolz Chiropractic to my friends and family.

    Corrine Martin

    I have been going to Dr. Nolz for 16 years after having a car accident. His treatments and knowledge of the muscles and bones are incredible. I would recommend his practice to anyone looking for chiropractic care.

    Charlotte McDermott

    I highly recommend Nolz Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Nolz and his staff are WONDERFUL. They're all so friendly, gentle and caring from the moment I call in to make an appointment to the moment I leave the clinic. It goes a long way when your doctor and his team truly time the time to get to know you and your name while taking care of your health.

    Lacee Sedenka

    Extremely knowledgeable, staff is very friendly. I took my newborn in and learned so much about stretches and things to do at home to help her development.

    Megan Di Cesare

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